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Termite Control

Termites destroy more than 60,000 homes in the United States each year causing over $5 billion in damage.   How do you make sure your home does not fall victim to termites?

L&L Termite & Pest Control Guarantees your Termite Coverage in Writing 

If your home is treated for termites by our company, L&L Termite & Pest Control we will provide you with a Guaranteed Termite Service Agreement in writing.  During the time period covered by the agreement, if termites are found in your home we will treat your home free of charge.   At the end of your service agreement period, you are given the option to renew the Termite Service Agreement for a renewal fee.   

If you sell your home during the Guaranteed Termite Service Agreement time period the coverage will stay with the home and the new buyers.    

How can you tell a termite from an ant?

flying ant.jfif
winged termite.jpg
Flying Ant & Carpenter Ant
Ants have a Jointed Body
Termite with Wings & No Wings
Termites have a singular body

Myths about Termites

Myth #1 Termite infestations are easy to detect.  Unfortunately, termites are silent destroyers.   They take their time to destroy your home.   Eating for months or even years before you know they are there.   This behavior often results in severe damage to your home.      

Myth #2  Termites can eat through concrete.  While termites can cause a lot of problems, their bite is no where strong enough to bite through concrete.   Their preference is soft wood and wood that has been damaged by water. 

Myth #3 Termites can be treated by DIY treatments.   The chances of getting rid of termites on your own are slim to none.  It's hard to treat every area infected with termites without professional assistance.    


Myth #4 Termites are only a problem in the winter.   Yes, most pests are more active in spring and summer but this rule does not apply to termites.   They do not hibernate they actually dig deeper into the wood searching for warmth causing the most costly extermination process.   So if you have termites treat them before winter!   

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