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Flea & Tick Control

Are Fleas and Ticks harmful?

Does it make you start to itch just talking about fleas and ticks?   Don't let them get the best of you.   Eliminate those unwanted pests as soon as you see them.   

Fleas and ticks do bite and that's how they start to create issues.  Sometimes they create an allergic reaction creating it hard to breath, becoming nauseas or even swelling of the lips, face or throat.   If you are not allergic you may only have redness or a little discomfort at the bite site.   

Fleas and ticks can transmit diseases.   It's important to check your pets as well as humans.   Ticks need warm blood to survive.   So checking for an infestation is important.   Make sure to wash your bedding and your pet's bedding regularly and vacuum on a regular basis as well, emptying the vacuum after each use.  It's best practice to empty your vacuum in a bag and remove it from your home so that any eggs will not hatch and come right back into your home.     

When it comes to fleas, you can bet you will never see just one flea they reproduce and spread quickly.   A fleas reproductive egg cycle last only 21 days so it is highly encouraged to have a follow up treatment after the initial treatment to rid of the fleas and any new fleas that hatched.  

Fleas are very small and tend to hide in animal fur or in materials such as upholstery or carpeting.   If you have a flea infestation, you might even start to see them hopping from your furniture to other areas.   If you have pets look for black pieces of dirt or debris on them.   Pets will often start to scratch or bite at themselves if they have a flea infestation. 


If you think you have a tick or flea problem call L&L Termite & Pest Control and let one of our technicians come out today to see if they can help take care of your problems.    

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